支持版本:9.0, 10.0, 11.0

App Odoo Customize

This moduld allows user to quickly customize and debranding Odoo. Quick debug, Language Switcher, Online Documentation Access,Quick Data Clear.

More Powerful UI addons: 【App UI enhance】

  • 1. Deletes Odoo label in footer
  • 2. Replaces "Odoo" in Windows title
  • 3. Customize Documentation, Support, About links and title in usermenu
  • 4. Adds "Developer mode" link to the top right-hand User Menu.
  • 5. Adds Quick Language Switcher to the top right-hand User Menu.
  • 6. Adds Country flags to the top right-hand User Menu.
  • 7. Adds English and Chinese user documentation access to the top right-hand User Menu.
  • 8. Adds developer documentation access to the top right-hand User Menu.
  • 9. Customize "My account" button
  • 10. Standalone setting panel, easy to setup.
  • 11. Provide 236 country flags.
  • 12. Multi-language Support.
  • 13. Change Powered by Odoo in login screen.(Please change '../views/app_odoo_customize_view.xml' #15)
  • 14. Quick delete test data in Apps: Sales/POS/Purchase/MRP/Inventory/Accounting/Base Models.
  • 15. Reset All the Sequence to beginning of 1: SO/PO/MO/Invoice...
  • 16. Fix odoo reload module translation bug while enable english language
  • 17. Stop Odoo Auto Subscribe(Performance Improve)

This module can help to white label the Odoo. Also helpful for training and support for your odoo end-user.
The user can get the help document just by one click.

Odoo Customize(Debranding Title,Language,Documentation,Quick Debug)

Multi-language support: Chinese ready

How to use: Go to Settings -> odooApp Settings

Setup more flags: just rename the flag pic to locale code of the country

You can find the pictures in "\app-odoo\app_odoo_customize\static\src\img\flags"

Quick Delete test Data.

You can quickly delete all the test data in Apps: Sales/POS/Purchase/MRP/Inventory/Accounting/Message/Workflow etc.

Technical Help & Support

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