POS 公司商标
开发者名称:Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Point of Sale Logo

Logo For Every Point of Sale

Cybrosys Technologies


  •    Logo for each point of sale.
  •    Logo in pos screen.
  •    Logo in pos receipt.

This module helps you to set a logo for every point of sale. This will help you to identify the point of sale easily. You can also see this logo in pos screen and pos receipt.

Logo for each point of sale

☛ Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sale
Here you can set logo for your point of sale.
Note:- Please choose the image with the dimension "width:76px;height:47px" for better output.

Logo in pos screen

☛ You can see your point of sale logo from the top left corner of pos screen

Logo in pos receipt

☛ POS receipt with point of sale logo and name

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